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Fernox is a global market leader, trusted brand and pioneer in its field, Fernox is the only water treatment manufacturer to boast an extensive research and development facility. Its innovative products – formulated and packaged in an ecologically responsible way – contribute to improving energy efficiency, helping both businesses and households to reduce their carbon footprint.

Fernox was the world’s first water treatment company. Since its inception in 1964, the firm has had an innovative, pioneering spirit which continues to present day.
Fernox markets a respected range of leading products and services globally and is the No. 1 brand. The company’s products are cost-effective, work well in a wide variety of conditions and are currently available in 21 languages.

All of Fernox’s products are formulated and packaged in a way that aligns with the company’s corporate and social responsibility policy. Each product is designed to contribute to maximising energy efficiency, reducing both fuel consumption and the carbon footprint of its business, industrial and domestic customers.

Fernox has developed a reliable and trusted product portfolio covering everything from water treatment cleaners and protectors to solders and fluxes. There is specialist equipment such as powerflushing machines and scale reducers, plus renewable technology products including heat transfer fluids, cleaners and underfloor corrosion inhibitors. Fernox also produces some quick-fix products for emergency repairs.

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