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Why you should keep your home well maintained and energy efficient?

There are many reasons.  Your home is one of around 26 million homes in the UK which contribute about 35% to the nation’s carbon emissions – the gas that affects our planet’s climate most.

Renewable Energy

With specially made and installed solar thermal panels on a principally south facing surface, probably a roof or a purpose-made ground level A-frame, you can generate your own hot water.

Healthy Homes

With specially made and installed solar thermal panels on a principally south facing surface, probably a roof or a purpose-made ground level A-frame, you can generate your own hot water.

Gardens & Leisure

Energy efficiency begins at home! It’s about us all reducing carbon emissions and helping to save our planet.

Guarantees & Finance

You wouldn’t dream of driving a car without being insured and neither should you run a home unless you have adequate cover!

Water Conservation

We can’t live without water so we must save it and it’s a vital part of our home’s efficiency.

Kitchens & Batchrooms

Kitchens’ costs more to run than any other area in the home, so pay extra special attention when you are looking to make it cheaper and more efficient to run.

Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Drafts always mean greater home running costs. Depending on the age and style of your home, its floors may be a bit like a colander – full of holes.

Doors & Windows

The loss of heat through windows and doors can be a big burden on your household budget, especially with older homes.

Heating & Hot Water

Your home should be heated by either gas or electricity from the national grid. But there’s a large percentage of homes which are still not connected to the grid.

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We Need To Get Improving Now!

We can’t sit back and wait, It may seem a long way off, but there are plans to make every home zero carbon within four decades.

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