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The NHIC has signed the climate pledge and commits to being net-zero carbon before turning 50 in 2024. Clearly demonstrating climate leadership as the voice of home improvement.

The NHIC is the umbrella organisation for the UK repair, maintenance and home improvement sector.

Representing 1.2 million sme and micro businesses who carry out millions of home improvement and domestic RMI jobs each year. 

NHIC Members contribute over £13Bn each year to the Uk economy and deliver in excess of 1million hours of CPD training and education to raise standards and provide quality, safe and affordable home improvements.

Strategic Priorities


Climate Leadership & Achieving Net-Zero

Promoting the contribution existing homes will make to the climate emergency and the drive towards net-zero emissions by 2050.


Consumer Advice & Protection

Supporting markets that work well for householders and support them to make informed decisions regarding their home’s future.


Digital Transformation

With the potential to revolutionise the home improvment sector the NHIC supports the digital integration of technology to support climate leadership and effective consumer protection.

Safe, healthy and sustainable homes

An ambassador for collaborative action, we work across our membership, wider industry and government to raise all homes up to modern living standards while inspiring and supporting householders to refurbish, maintain and improve their homes using local professionals with confidence.

It’s more than 40 years since the National Home Improvement Council was launched and there remains much to be done and new challenges to address, not least supporting the economic, green and socially conscious recovery post COVID19.

Representing 100’s of trades and sub trades NHIC membership contributes over £13Bn each year to the UK Economy with members delivering over 1 million hours of CPD training each year to raise standards and deliver quality improvements to the nations homes.

This makes the NHIC the most representative and influential body for Home Improvement and RMI professionals in the UK. The true voice of home improvement.

Years Established

Latest News

Post COVID-19 Recovery

Together with the new demands on homes for home-working, home-schooling support and home-exercising alongside the demographic demands of an increasing and aging population, energy efficiency, carbon emissions, fuel poverty and the ever-present concerns regarding an ageing workforce and skills shortage, the need to raise awareness and the standards of home improvement is never ending.

NHIC Members and partners are supporting householders, their customers and members by providing dedicated advice based on government guidance relevant for each specific trade and sub trade.

For a comprehensive list of COVID related support available for those who work in the repair maintenance and home improvement industry and householders click below:

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Members Testimonials

“Corgi Services, the commercial brand licensing business of the Gas Safety Trust, has been a member of the NHIC since 2018.  The reason we joined was to support the improvement of homes in the UK which is critical if we are to achieve the zero carbon targets and challenges that the nation will face in the coming decades.  The NHIC is well connected into government and with a broad range of industrial membership, enables us to get access to excellent networking and opportunities to influence the agenda.”

Corgi Services

“The home improvement sector will be critical to meeting the challenges our country faces, from reaching net zero, to tackling fuel poverty, to training the next generation in highly skilled jobs. It is critical we work together as a sector with one voice, and that is why the work of the National Home Improvement Council is so important”

James Talman


“Being part of the NHIC has become core to BMA’s mission as an organisation. It’s an essential way to network with influencers on the broader home improvement sector. It also means we’re part of the collective voice of the whole RMI industry.”

Tom Reynolds

Bathroom Manufacturers Association

“The NHIC’s promotion of a fabric-first approach to building design aligns with Recticel’s belief that it is essential to creating better-insulated homes which optimise interior comfort and wellbeing. Such sustainability is also key to minimising emissions, and future generations across the globe enjoying a safer, healthier environment.  Recticel also applauds NHIC’s initiative to reduce the number of people living in fuel poverty.”

Paul Simpson


“EnviroVent has been members of NHIC for a number of years now and have found the connections that we have made with fellow members extremely valuable. It has allowed us to gain valuable insights in sharing best practice across the refurbishment industry and understanding how we can raise standards and quality of this broad industry for the benefit of consumers in the long term.”

Rebecca McLean

Marketing and Communications Director, Envirovent

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