5 Point Plan

The NHIC's 2017 Manifesto

1. Stimulate Public Awareness

Work with us to stimulate public awareness of the need to improve the existing housing stock in the UK, through the use of compliant and legal products, not least to reduce carbon emissions as part of the action needed as a result of climate change.

2. Improve Quality, Safety and Affordability of Building Work

Take further measures to improve the quality, safety and affordability of building work through, for example, strengthening Building Regulations, reducing VAT on housing renovation and repair work from 20% to 5% and ensuring the delivery of a universal quality mark.

3. Ensure the UK has sufficient skilled workers

To deliver quality both now and after we have left the European Union, through increasing the quality, duration and attractiveness of apprenticeships and associated vocational training alongside the introduction of a flexible immigration policy for strategic industries.

4. Reduce the number of households living in Fuel Poverty

Building on previous Government measures such as the Energy Company Obligation to reduce the number of people living in fuel poverty, through the introduction of additional financial support to those in need alongside ensuring that any Government investment in reducing energy bills is targeted at improving the energy efficiency of the UK’s homes adopting an evidenced based, fabric first approach.

5. Prevent the Rental of Energy Inefficient Homes

Confirm that the measures enacted to prevent energy inefficient homes being rented out after April 2018 will still take place.