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Excellence in roofing

Winner: Denn Flat Roofing and Landmark Living Roofs working with Flag-Soprema

Sponsored by: National Federation of Roofing Contractors

Kemp House, built in the ‘60s, is in the heart of London’s Soho. It’s a refurbished social housing development comprising residential tower blocks that now have flat, biodiverse nature roofs.

The building’s location embraced numerous challenges, not least of all constraints on installation, various environmental factors, conservation issues, and some ‘unusual’ details.

Work was carried out by an outstanding team of roofing contractors, which demonstrated how best to install green roofs in the most effective way by using their experience and knowledge of this very specialised roofing technology. The youngest operative was able to greatly increase his skills in this respect.

Kemp House makes another important contribution to Mayor of London’s target to increase the ‘green cover’ by at least 5% over of the most densely developed areas of the capital.

It is a great example of how new installation techniques and practices on a community project such as Kemp House is a major energy saver and benefits residents, wildlife and the client. A major plus was that the day after completion three rare Black Redstart birds were showing a noticeable interested in the unique environment.

Runners up:
AST Roofing (Bournemouth) Ltd
Kingsley Roofing Ltd