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Excellence In Glazing

Winner: Nationwide Windows

Sponsored by: Certass

A government decision to release the final tranche of £45m for Nottingham City Homes’ Decent Homes programme secured at least 500 jobs, created 45 apprenticeships and ensured the entire housing stock of 28,500 has its windows upgraded. This is under a Secure, Warm, Modern programme (SWM).

To date Nationwide Windows has replaced single glazed windows with A rated double glazed windows in 13,700 NCH properties in Broxtowe and Bells Lane.

The replacement programme had a significant impact including a 50% drop in burglaries after fitting Secured By Design windows, just under £2m savings on tenant fuel bills, a saving to NCH of £241,800 due to reduced burglaries and improved property SAP rating of 68.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, each tenant could save between £95 and £223 a year on their fuel bill as a result of fitting double glazed windows as the table shows.

As over a third of all carbon emissions come from domestic housing, and with council stock accounting for a quarter of all property in Nottingham, NCH has a key role to play in ensuring it keeps carbon emissions as low as possible.

Much more than replacing draughty windows, impact studies show, although there is always room for continuous improvement, Nationwide Windows claims to have achieved a contribution to positive social outcomes and a wider legacy for tenants and communities.