Category One

Outstanding social housing development using recycled land or buildings

Winner: Lyvennet Community Trust

Sponsored by: Electrical Contractors’ Association

This highly successful community project on Stoneworks Garth in Cumbria has been the culmination over three years hard work negotiating with government agencies, a national company who owned the site, a financial and a lot of lobbying. Ultimately it has resulted in the construction of 20 homes – ten for rental, two shared ownership and eight self-build.

The ECA says: “This project has brought together representatives from an existing Cumbrian community to create a new community that although very modern in construction, remains in-keeping with the stunning surroundings of the Cumbrian fells.

“It has utilised a range of energy saving and energy efficient materials and technologies and yet the new Stoneworks development appears to be a typical Cumbrian village, affording residents with a sustainable housing in a community centred around a ‘typical’ village green.

“We consider this entry to be highly considerate construction, displaying true empathy to the rural environment.”

The sale of the self-build plots was used to cross-subsidise the rental and shared ownership homes which remain in the ownership of the Lyvennet Community Trust, a registered charity with 64 members, all local residents.

The village does not have mains gas. All heating is by air source heat pumps, integrated with wet underfloor heating system downstairs and conventional radiator upstairs.

All properties are fully compliant with Code 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, need less to say, the insulation is well above the standard requirement.

So significant was the interest in this exceptional housing project that Andrew Stunnel, MP, Minister for Communities, laid one the of the first bricks at the development.