Category Four

Gas safety in social housing

Winner: The Guinness Partnership

Sponsored by: The Gas Safety Trust

All our properties with an open flue or concealed flue are fitted with a CO detector.

Currently there is a programme to install approximately 600 CO and gas detection systems to the most vulnerable customers (automatic gas shut off systems). These systems comprise of a CO detector and a natural gas detector, which detects the build up of carbon monoxide or combustible gas in a home and provides both visual and audible alarms and also automatically shuts off the gas supply.

These wireless systems are flexible, simple to install and offer customers the highest level of protection.

For a very vulnerable customer there is a bespoke system that is also linked to a sensor that vibrates under the pillow while the person is in bed.

An in-house team of auditors inspects contractors’ work. Also the team is qualified in incident investigation in respect of CO incidents and poisonings (HSE and Gas Safe approved).
A specific procedure is in place to deal with reports of fumes/CO. The Emergency Service Provider (National Grid) is notified to make sure the gas supply is made safe within the hour, the customer is advised to seek immediate medical attention and to have a blood test and the in-house audit team carries out a full CO investigation within 24 hours.