Category Eight

Outstanding achievement with environmental sustainability in replacement windows

Winner: Network VEKA

Sponsored by: Project Funding Shermin Finance

As an industry-leading manufacturer, VEKA now supplies Network VEKA with technically advanced PVC-U window systems offering many a host of benefits.

This manufacturer is renowned for its quality and claims to be the first window system in the UK to be granted an ‘A’ on the BFRC rating system. By 2016 every new domestic property in the UK will need to have ‘A’ Rated windows, the highest level of energy efficiency.

PVC-U is a poor heat conductor, making it ideal for double glazed or triple glazed window surrounds. Very little heat is lost through the frame itself. Double glazed or triple glazed PVC-U windows considerably reduce noise generated by traffic, aircraft or noisy neighbours.

Quality PVC-U windows help to eliminate the cold bridge which can lead to condensation problems. In new-build projects, the material currently accounts for over 80% of all installations, and this figure is even higher in the replacement windows market.

A PVC-U window frame can be recycled about ten times? Second generation PVC-U windows continue to look good and perform well for decades. It’s non-toxic and meets all international health and safety regulations.

Also, it is inherently difficult to ignite and does not burn once the source of heat is removed.

Finally, high quality PVC-U windows are likely to add significant the value of a home. They will improve visual appearance, security, energy efficiency and provide effective thermal and sound insulation.