Category Ten

CompetentRoofer of the Year

Winner: DLP Services (Northern) Ltd

Sponsor by: CompetentRoofer

The judges said: “DLP quickly engaged with the spirit of CompetentRoofer, and their work as members encompasses everything that we have tried to do as a Competent Person Scheme. At the time CompetentRoofer was seeking a candidate for the CompetentRoofer of the Year Award, DLP had already put through 624 jobs.

“CompetentRoofer charges as little as £20 for self-certification of roofing refurbishment works. We have done some research and found that local authority building control departments can charge anything between £200 and £400 for notification of roofing refurbishment works.

“Even if we were to base our calculations at the lower end and use £150 as our figure, we estimate that over £81,000 has been saved by DLP; if we calculate using the average then over £160,000 has been saved by DLP registering their roofing refurbishment works through CompetentRoofer.

“This is a big saving on admin fees, particularly for social housing associations who then have the opportunity to plough that money back in to bringing homes up to the standard required by the Building Regulations.

“If this was repeated by all 260 of our members, we estimate that over £40m would be saved in administration fees.

“We feel that this is a major contribution to home improvement and we would like this repeated again and again.”