Category Five

TrustMark Registered Retail Firm

Sponsor: TrustMark in conjunction with the NHIC Educational Trust

B&Q is very much a household name in everything to do with home improvements, from supplying the appropriate tap washer to a completely new bathroom or kitchen. Consequently staff must be up to speed with customer’s questions and requirements.

Each store team is the first to interact with a customer and consequently sets the first impressions of its service. So it’s vital at this point that it is able to precisely about what it does with complete confidence and authority.

As part of B&Q’s dedication to customers it has held a series of two-day interactive workshops involving around 650 store employees. As a result these have increased installation standards through ‘belief, confidence, a knowledge of understanding and an awareness of B&Q’s position in the market.’

A significant indication of B&Q’s commitment is that all training embraces the very highest level of management and consequently a number of the company’s directors take part in the workshops.

Judges’ comments: These important training sessions have influenced B&Q’s cross functional relationships, improved up-skilling and selling techniques and noticeably raised order, planning and surveying accuracy. Each one of the company’s installation centres was involved in the training, involving staff from the entire spectrum. Teams use their own ‘rap’ to share their own retained knowledge.