Category Two

Outstanding Private or Public Development
Using Recycled Urban Land or Buildings

Luminus Group
Sponsor: Electrical Contractors’ Association in conjunction with the National Housing Federation

Built in the 1960s, the Joseph Rank House is a 12-storey building in the centre of Harlow. It had been falling into disrepair until the Luminous Group announced proposals to convert it to 132 residential apartments, of which 52 are affordable housing.

The project has successfully restored the building and has become a powerful symbol for Harlow’s own 2020 vision and aspirations for the town. Regeneration has retained the strong lines and architectural character of the building and improved its visual quality and its valuable contribution to the surrounding environment.

Outdate facilities within the building were removed and recycled and refitted with modern efficient systems, including NIBE exhaust air heat pump ventilation systems to improve energy efficiency and reduce the building’s carbon footprint.

The apartments are all designed to Lifetime Homes standards and provide high quality living environments with high ceilings and good sized, airy living spaces.

Judges’ comments: Taking on the redevelopment of a 1960s building was no easy task! Originally built as an office block that dominated the Harlow skyline had it been left to decay, it could have become a monstrosity. Luminus, however, has completed an outstanding job and transformed the property into attractive, affordable housing which greatly benefits the community. It’s high commendable that the use of energy saving technologies have improved performance and reduced the carbon footprint.

Runner up: Optima Housing Association