Professional Advice

There is only so much advice that we can provide.

For instance, there may be certain things that you wish to do in and around your home to improve its energy efficiency and to raise your living standards that will closely involve specialist professional advice. Also, the age of your home may determine the best solution.


You may want to add more space by building rooms in your roof or have a completely new extension in character with your existing property. Or you may want to build a garden room as an office, playroom or perhaps a gym.

These all demand very careful consideration and almost certainly the advice and skills of a professional person such as an architect, surveyor, solicitor or energy efficiency expert. If you are in a conservation area an expert will know exactly what is permissible or how you can effectively and economically meet the planning requirements.

Indeed, if whatever you are planning involves building work you will need to consult your local planning department and the building control people.

Don’t be afraid to speak to them, they really are very approachable and always interested. After all, the earlier contact you make and the more precise you can be with your the ideas, the less work there is for them!