Gardens & Leisure

Energy efficiency begins at home! It’s about us all reducing carbon emissions and helping to save our planet.

It’s about the way we live and how we influence the things around us. Everything we do affects our energy efficiency and our cost of living.

Most of us have a garden so we should make sure that many of the plants are easy to grow and save time and money and help conserve water. Where possible surfaces should be permeable so water drains quickly and easily.

When you add outdoor ‘space’ such as a garden office or lay down attractive decking, make sure the wood comes from a sustainable source.

When you buy a new car (not so easy with a second hand one) try to make sure it’s as fuel efficient as possible and will take you a long way before needing a fill up. And if you are a caravaner ensure that it incorporates the very latest mod cons to make your travelling home as efficient as possible.

However you take your holidays look closely at what your tour company has to offer. Keep your eyes open to make sure your travel arrangements take careful consideration of the environment and embrace the most efficient way to get from A to B!