Doors & Windows

The loss of heat through windows and doors can be a big burden on your household budget, especially with older homes. They can be improved with good quality, properly installed draught proofing that can help make a home much more airtight!

If your doors are particularly old or drafty, you may want to consider replacing them with new ones. A wide range of styles and materials are available to suit your home’s design and your budget. UPVc (plastic) is a very popular material but timber, grp and steel are all very robust, energy efficient solutions.

Don’t forget, if your house has an integral garage you will also need that door replaced, with a modern, insulated version.

Double or even triple glazed windows are very important to replace old ones and help cut down a home’s fuel costs. Many reputable local firms can carry out this work, quickly and effectively.

Usually, they will be UPVc (plastic) windows although they are also available in other versatile materials such as timber, aluminium and steel, but these may be more expensive.

Whichever doors and windows you choose, ensure they are totally efficient and compatible with the style and character of your house – particularly if you live in a conservation area.