Over the last year, TrustMark has been going through a number of important changes, all of which have been implemented with the aim of enhancing consumer protection and the services we offer our Scheme Providers and Registered Businesses.

These developments were largely stimulated by the Industry led Government-commissioned Each Home Counts review, which identified a requirement for an all-encompassing mark of quality for consumers to rely on.  As a result of this review, TrustMark has adapted its remit to become this quality mark.

When a consumer sees the TrustMark logo they will know the business they are engaging is technically competent and has made an additional commitment to customer services and trading practices.  This will be the case regardless of the type of work required on their property.

To accommodate these changes, TrustMark has expanded its remit to include all Repair, Maintenance & Improvement (RMI), retrofit and energy-efficiency sectors.

This expansion to scope has been made possible by the creation of robust new documentation, which will manage both the technical and customer service expectations and requirements placed on businesses within the scheme.

Other changes come in the form of updated branding which was released on 16th October 2018.  This branding includes a refreshed logo to reflect the significant incoming changes, whilst celebrating the core values and name that remains at the heart of TrustMark as an organisation.

The TrustMark website has been updated to display the new branding and features an enhanced consumer search facility.

Businesses already registered with TrustMark will be able to access additional benefits, to be released over the next few months.  These include a customer/business portal that will handle all aspects of communications between consumers and trade – from quote to payment; and in the future a BSI Standards Integration (representing a possible saving of hundreds of pounds per company.)

In order to facilitate the change of direction, TrustMark has appointed an entirely new independent Board that will ensure adequate representation of all the industry sectors TrustMark works with, as well as the consumers it protects.  This Board will be supplemented by experts from a wide range of industries, applying fresh insight and knowledge to the general running of TrustMark, as well as to specific projects and pproblem-solving

TrustMark’s new independent Chairman, Ranil Jayawardena commented on the changes:

“The evolution of TrustMark into the Government Endorsed Quality scheme for any work that a consumer has done to their home is great news.”

“I want to make sure that TrustMark puts consumers first and gives them the best information from which they can make their own decisions.”

“At the same time, I believe this will be good for the industry in the long run, as it should mean that consumer-power drives the industry to be better.”


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