Do you feel like your home is in dire need of a sprucing up, but dislike the idea of spending too much cash? Avoid all of those tricky, expensive revamp projects and try the following tips to spruce up your home in a simple, budget-friendly manner: 

Choose the right lighting

Your house may look dated or dark simply because of poor lighting. Choose the right lighting for your home and brighten up your space as well as your life.

Quality lighting can make you feel much more content with your home, as anyone who’s lived with harsh, fluorescent lighting for too long will tell you. You could use floor lamps to accessorise your space and provide ample amounts of light in large rooms, or use dimmer lights for the ability to control lighting levels with ease.

Plan a weekend repainting project

If you have limited time to spend on renovations, a weekend project might be the perfect amount of work to undertake. Why not repaint a room or two to give your home a fresh, new feel? Choose lighter colours for an airy, spacious feel, and include your partner if you can – picking colours and painting your shared space together can be a great bonding activity.

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Bring nature indoors

Whether you are spending time outside or surrounded with your favourite houseplants inside, nature has been shown to bring us happiness. Bring the natural world indoors by building a plant wall or decorating with plants or flowers!

You’ll find plenty of tips and inspiration on sites like Pinterest. It’s easy to choose low maintenance plants if you lead a busy life – try a cactus or philodendron if you don’t want to have to do too much watering! 

Upgrade your outdoor space

If you’re fortunate enough to have a spacious outdoor area, you might like to consider giving it a bit of a sprucing up alongside the indoor areas of your home. Creating an outdoor seating area, complete with comfortable cushions, can do wonders for a garden or outdoor area, no matter its size.

A seating area can give you the motivation to spend more time relaxing in nature, and can double as a place to host friends or family when they visit for a cup of tea or a meal in summer. Again, you could plant a few of your favourite flowers or plants for a touch of colour and warmth: space is generally less of a concern outdoors, so you’ll have more options to choose from than you do indoors. 

Layer coordinated throws or rugs

Accessories are one of the simplest ways to change the look of your space, and they can be comfortable, too! Coordinate your rugs or throws: they don’t need to be the same colour, but having at least one consistent colour on each item will help your space to look put-together rather than disorderly.

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Add pops of colour to your furniture

A little colour can brighten up a room, so why not choose your favourite and add it to your furniture?  You might like to paint your chairs and tables or invest in new, matching products if yours are looking a little past their use-by date. If you don’t want to modify your furniture, you could try colourful tablecloths, interesting picture frames, gorgeous artwork, or your favourite trinkets such as candles or ceramic animals to add a burst of colour to your space.

Sprucing up your home needn’t cost thousands of pounds. If you remain patient and shop around for a bargain, you’re likely to find all sorts of interesting accessories to brighten up your space!

Harper Reid hails from the beautiful city of Auckland, New Zealand. Her work has been published across various sites and she has previously worked with business and technology sites such as Trustpower. Discover more of Harper’s work on Tumblr.

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