There are many reasons why people tend to move home. You may have been provided with a new job opportunity, you’ve purchased the property for the sake of making a profit in the long term, or you’ve just simply needed a change of home. Either way, as part of the process of changing homes you need to sell your existing one too (unless you choose to keep it of course).
If you are able to prepare your property well, it means a potential surge of bids and could even result in it being bought for a higher price than you initially expected. You need to bring the interest in, and there are many ways you can do it.

Preparing it for the pictures
Taking pictures is the evidence of how the property looks. It’s a chance for you to display the good qualities that your house has to offer, and the majority of house searches will be conducted online so pictures are a vital part of the process. Buyers want to have a visual representation of the house they’ll be living in, so make it appealing as possible for them. If you consider these handy tips your listing should look far more attractive than the others:

Outside Areas:

  • If you have any additional exterior features, show them off. Anything from a conservatory to a pool house have them included with the photo gallery as these would be features that add value to the house.
  • Make sure the backyard or garden area doesn’t look busy when you take pictures. If you have anything like garden equipment or toys that are on display, be sure to store them away.
  • Give your garden a bit of TLC like trimming bushes and cutting the grass so it looks sharp and well looked after.
  • There are many owners that may love a pet, but on this occasion keep them away from the photos. Order them indoors whilst you’re taking the photos.
  • Many homeowners enjoy seeing a large garden space, whether it’s to do with having an area for kids to play or to add their own ideas. Take the pictures from a distance to emphasise this.

Interior Photos:

  • Include every room in the house. This means tidying in the house, hoovering and removing any other clutter that you feel may be off putting to the buyer.
  • Get as much lighting into the room to make it look spacious. Turn on lights and open any curtains or blinds. There are ways you can even make your interior space look naturally bigger.
  • Add a bit of decoration to the living or dining rooms like flowers and extra features.
  • Again, remove any details that are on the floor in the surrounding area. Things like trash cans, washing baskets, and any other clutter.

Using Print Advertising
Although we currently live in a very digital world, you’ll want to make sure you’re hitting every kind of audience possible with your ad. Small and local newspaper publications tends to be a cheap option for many homeowners. This will help to target those closest to your home. As it’ll most likely be seen by local residents, be ready for a spontaneous visitors. Keep your house clean and appealing for any possible situation. You never know who might arrive or when.

Remove personal belongings
All your family photos and pictures of pets would need to go. Although it’s made a homely feeling for you whilst you’ve lived there, remember it’s now time for someone else to see their future in your home. They’ll have their own ideas and imagination flowing when they take a tour of your house so don’t let your 4 year old’s finger painting on the kitchen fridge blur it.

Selling your property is a big step as you look to take on another chapter. Taking in these handy tips will be sure to create interest in your property and bids that are worthy of the price. Homeowners, commercial property agents and landlords can all consider these tips so look to explore all avenues available. Maybe even paying a bit extra with help from conveyancing solicitors and estate agents is an avenue worth taking. You want to make sure that anything you do is done correctly, so make the most of the resources you have available.

Guest Post by:

Jamie Costello


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