Article for Progress Magazine by: ENVIROVENT

Building Regulations require that new homes are built to offer better thermal performance, which effectively makes
them into a sealed unit. Therefore having a ventilation solution within a property is vitally important.

An efficient ventilation system should offer a high level of indoor air quality, providing the best environment for consumers to be protected from the damaging effects of condensation leading to mould growth. When ventilation is inadequate in a property,
it means that a home is unable to breathe. As a result of this, high levels of humidity is present inside the house, leading to condensation and mould issues, which create the perfect breeding ground for household dust mites – which is a well-known
trigger for asthma and allergies for homeowners.

Simply living in a property creates condensation, people breathing, showering, cooking, boiling a kettle all create moisture. An average four-person family produces around 112 pints of water vapour each week! In the short term, many people choose to
wipe away condensation and paint over patches of mould on walls or around windows, however, this does not represent a permanent solution – and neither do the ‘anti-mould’ sprays that you can buy in DIY stores.

To address the need for better indoor air quality in homes, UK manufacturer EnviroVent provides a complete ventilation service to homeowners and tenants. This starts with its ventilation specialists carrying out a free home survey to ensure that homeowners are provided with the most effective solution. A suitable ventilation product is then recommended in line with the property and individual customers’ needs.

EnviroVent has its own in-house team of dedicated installers who are trained to the highest levels to ensure that the product is correctly installed. The ventilation specialist then gives a detailed explanation of how the system works to the homeowner or tenant and how to get the best out of it.

All EnviroVent’s solutions are backed up by extensive parts and labour guarantees for five and seven years peace of mind. The company is a member of the ‘Which’ Trusted Trader scheme and so adheres to the Which Code of Conduct. This provides reassurance of the competency of its installations and the quality of its products.

EnviroVent also has an in-house technical support team that can respond to any queries, to provide the very highest level of customer care.

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) is a popular choice for improving ventilation in houses and flats, regardless of their age. A PIV unit is installed in a central position on the landing or hallway, and the units work by improving air quality in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. These units transform a stale atmosphere with high humidity into a fresh, health, condensation-free environment.

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