Article by: Anna Scothern, Chief Executive Officer – NHIC

The theme of our 2018 Parliamentary Event held on 20th March at the House of Lords was “Non Compliance in the Home Improvement Sector”

Over breakfast in the Attlee Room NHIC Members and their guests heard from two industry-leading organisations and were asked to discuss and provide feedback on the following questions relating to the issue of non-compliance;

  • What activity, research or evidence already exists?
  • Who should the NHIC collaborate with?
  • Is how householders buy products or choose installers important?
  • Should regulation be increased and is enforcement effective?
  • What could / should UK Government do?
  • What could / should UK industry do?

Over the past six months or so a growing number of Members have commented that non-compliance of products or installers is becoming a growing concern for either their own members, such as for the Bathroom Manufacturers Association or for their customers.

Prior to the Christmas break this issue was raised by members of our Chatham Group to Parliamentarians who were concerned by not only the impact on safety, both for the UK householders, but also for workforces around the globe, but also raised concerns about the possible impacts on the growing number of non compliant products entering the UK home improvement market would have on British jobs.

And as the only Membership organisation representing the whole home improvement industry, the NHIC was asked by the Parliamentarians to find the answers.

As part of this research, we are collaborating with WRAS and BEAMA, two organisations that have gone a long way to establishing the size and complexity of the problem within their own sectors as well as surveying our entire Membership and online community groups and forums to produce a comprehensive white paper and manifesto for home improvement.

The discussion in the Attlee Room was informative and interesting and was followed up immediately with a meeting of the Chatham Group to discuss and agree to next steps towards developing possible pathways towards solutions.  Feedback from those who attended said that the day was one of the more interesting in their careers and that they were looking forward to participation in future events of this kind.

The resulting white paper and manifesto will provide a view on the need for more or less regulation and the resulting impact of the Quality Mark and what Members of the NHIC can do to support its success.

For more information and to get involved contact NHIC Chief Executive Anna Scothern.


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