NAPIT is delighted to announce a brand-new app, NAPIT Mobile, which is specifically designed for NAPIT members to certify their work on the move on mobile and tablet.

Similar to one of NAPIT’s other software applications, NAPIT Desktop for Windows, NAPIT Mobile has been created to offer the application as a mobile app.

The mobile app is packed with features allowing NAPIT members to create certificates with the tap of a button.

NAPIT Mobile App

Some of the new features within the new NAPIT Mobile app enable users to draw their own signature directly into the app and email their certificates directly to their customers.

Forms such as BS7671 Minor Works, Electrical Installation and Electrical Installation Condition Report can be completed and edited online or offline and can be proof read with a preview of the certificate before issuing to clients.

Designed by NAPIT’s in-house developers and with the help, support and feedback from NAPIT members and staff, this package has been crafted to save time and money.

NAPIT Mobile is now available on all Android devices (Above Android 4.1 Jellybean and iOS Devices (iPhones and iPads).

Software support, unlimited cloud backup and, unlimited cloud synchronisation are all included with the app.

Michael Andrews, the NAPIT Group Chief Executive, “As proud as we are of our range of services at NAPIT, we believe that continuously raising the standards for our members is the highest priority. NAPIT Mobile is a great example of us listening to what our members have to say about their needs and, from this, producing a comprehensive and focussed package around the needs of tradespeople.”

For your free 28-day trial of NAPIT Mobile or for more information visit

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