• Scottish Gas to deliver a £20 million energy makeover to transform homes in Glasgow and Greenock

• The work will make properties warmer and more energy efficient for thousands of families and should reduce their energy bills
• The schemes are being carried out in partnership with Cube Housing and River Clyde Homes

Thousands of homes across West Scotland are to set to be made warmer and more energy efficient, thanks to a £20 million investment delivered by Scottish Gas and two housing associations.

Scottish Gas is beginning work on two major projects in Glasgow and Greenock that will transform the homes of families in 1,200 properties.

The improvements will mean people can heat their homes more efficiently. The measures should help to lower their energy bills too.

The schemes are being run in partnership with Cube Housing (Glasgow) and River Clyde Homes (Greenock).

The work is funded by the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme which focuses on providing energy efficiency measures to low income and vulnerable customers, and those living in homes that are hard to heat.

David Young of Scottish Gas, said: “We’re really pleased to deliver these projects in partnership with Cube Housing and River Clyde Homes, which will transform the lives of many people across West Scotland. It will make homes warmer and more energy efficient for families, and will help reduce energy bills.”

Cube Housing

Scottish Gas’ project at Cube Housing is the latest phase in a long term partnership between both organisations, which has seen over £20 million invested to improve homes for thousands of residents across Glasgow.

The £10.7 million project will renovate multi-story homes in the Broomhill, Maryhill and Gorget areas of the city. The project is expected to take 12 months to complete and will see solid wall insulation added to the outside of over 600 homes. The insulation will reduce the amount of heat escaping through walls and will help homes stay warmer over a longer period.

The insulation will also transform the look of the buildings too, giving them a fresh appearance.

An additional 100 properties will also benefit from district heating*, which is a more energy efficient and cost effective way to heat homes.

Cube Director David Mackenzie added: “It’s an exciting time for tenants. Our investment will provide residents with warm, affordable energy-efficient homes. It will also mean tenants enjoy cheaper bills – and help us tackle fuel poverty.”

River Clyde Homes

Over 500 homes will benefit from an extensive makeover at the River Clyde Homes’ estate in Greenock over the next nine months.

The £9 million project will also see solid wall insulation added to homes, as well as district heating* installed. It will mean people will have warmer homes when the weather turns colder.

Willie Croft, Director of Property & Development Services at River Clyde Homes, commented: “Combating fuel poverty for our customers has become a key priority for River Clyde Homes. These Broomhill properties will benefit from a refurbishment that should help people reduce their energy costs by using a system that is both efficient and environmentally friendly.”


For more information, please contact:

Simon Feldman

PR Manager

simon.feldman@britishgas.co.uk / 07769 542 612

Thermal image taken at a building at Cube Housing before work shows heat escaping (red area).

Thermal image of work carried out at Cube Housing showing that heat (green area) is no longer escaping and is now being retained.












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