Global warming will always be centre stage because keeping it under strict surveillance is so vital to our small planet’s future and all of its people. Durban in South Africa provided the latest platform for important climate change discussion by 194 countries, yet although delegates rushed hither and thither, there appeared to be a disappointing lack of urgency!

But according to reports, the Durban debate did signal ‘an intention among all the key global powers’ to work towards some form of legal agreement by 2020! This will, perhaps, see global emissions of green house gases falling by the end of the decade. Which, at the moment, are on the contrary actually shooting up!

Durban could mark the very significant point when major, key polluters such as America, China and India, may actually sign up to the process of reduction?

For the UK, although the entire Durban exercise was seemingly over shadowed by David Cameron’s major Brussels faux pas, at least Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Control, was in the melee hopefully paying heed to what is required from Britain!

Mr Huhne and the rest of the world, can rest assured that the National Home Improvement Council and its Members continue to pull in a positive direction. And even though there are some ‘puzzling’ decisions ‘from above’ on reducing feed-in tariffs that have caused turmoil in the sustainables market plus the uncertainties about Green Deal, we aim to do our very best!

Photo shows: Tired negotiators in the early hours at the Durban conference.

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